Unconventional and Conventional PR based marketing

conventional and unconventional PR

Conventional PR marketing

Public relations (PR) is the professional influence and maintenance of a favourable public image. This could be for an organisation, company or a person. Public relation managers do not buy advertising space, they try to persuade trusted media sources to tale about them. This is done in an unpaid and earned way. The benefit of this is that people trust the media source as authentic and trustworthy. People trust an article from a good source over an advert any day of the week.

There are literally 100’s of ways to do great PR but here are some basic tips to get you on your way.

You need to be ready!

You need to be ready for public relations. Make sure your product is ready, working well and that you have all your ducks in a row. You do get bad publicity and it destroys brands. If you want to ride the wave of good public relations make sure your product is reader for honest third party reviews.

Have you solidified your identity?

When you starting out make sure you have developed a strong personal and business identity.
What are your values?
What exactly is your company culture?
What makes you different from your competitors?
Are you doing something that no one else is doing?
What makes you unique?

What is your story?

People do not respond to factual bits of information as much as they do to stories. We are naturally drawn to a story over information. Have you written down, practices and communicated your story and is it great? Do you have a narrative to your startup story? This makes it a lot easier for credible platforms to talk about you.

Is the CEO your storyteller?

The CEO or founder of the company is the face of the company. You need a visible human as the story teller and there is no better storyteller than a founder. The CEO is an instrumental mouth piece that communicates the narrative of the company. You need to have a good storyteller ideally someone who can connect with people.

Unconventional PR marketing

Unconventional Public Relations in its essence is essentially alternative public relations. This would include things like viral videos and publicity stunts. Unconventional PR much like viral marketing usually has to be remarkable and unrepeatable. When done right it can be talked about for over a decade.

The king of unconventional PR would have to be sir Richard Brandson, the founder of Virgin. The PR stunts that he has done throughout the years have been nothing but unconventional.

Here some of the best unconventional PR stunts Richard Brandson did.

Tried to fly around the world in a hot air balloon
Put on a wedding dress to publicize his retail store, Virgin Brides
Drove a tank down Fifth Avenue in New York City
Jumped off the roof of a hotel casino
Dressed as a flight attendant for a competing airline
Dressed as a Zulu warrior in South Africa
Drove across the English Channel in a car
Drank champagne while rappelling down the side of a new Spaceport air hanger
Went on The Colbert Report and had a water fight
Starred as a gunslinger in a movie
Posed as Elvis with showgirls in Las Vegas
Wore a kilt and flashed some naughty underwear
Wore a spacesuit to the press conference for Virgin Galactic


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