Tonality and body language introduced by Fatality

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Albert Mehrabian currently the Professor of Psychology at UCLA, conducted a very important study and he has become known best for his publications on “the relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages”. His research later became widely known as the 7%-38%-55% Rule. This research focused on words, tonality and body language. He stated the verbal communication works out to be 7% of communication, 38% of communication is vocal and 55% is physical. This study often gets misinterpreted as it mainly applies to working out feelings, attitude and congruence. This is not a study focused on comprehension.

Have you ever started a conversation with someone and right off the bat you feel there is something wrong or suspicious about a person, almost like a gut feeling? This often happens when a person is communicating to you but have opposing body language, facial expressions and tonally to the words they say. We consciously are not aware of this but our subconscious kicks in and sees all. This is why it is so important to have body language, tonality and words that match. When you get this right you are in congruence. Being in congruence is a very powerful persuasive state.When you follow your gut, it's a feeling but really you are following your subconscious. The funny thing is your subconscious is often more correct than your conscious, but it's not wise to ignore either one.  

Emotional logic

Never forget people make decisions based on emotion first and then justify it with logic. This is especially true with disposable income. If you buy a Mercedes it's because it probably makes you feel important but you will justify it with logic. You will say it increases your sales because clients see the car, it has good resale value, its a very safe car etc….

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