Influencer marketing strategies

People gravitate towards authoritative figures in their community. We tend to trust the opinions of the persons who are considered authoritative figures in a given space. The top authoritative people usually have a considerable amount of influence within their community. Businesses discovered that if they can leverage this they could dramatically drive traffic and sales to their businesses. This realization has led to the birth of Influencer marketing.

If you want to become an influencer it does not require a Phd or 10 years of research. It also does not mean the status is something you can just brand yourself. You can become an influencer between 6 -12 months provided you put yourself in a position to become an influencer. The following are some ways that could help you growth hack Influencer marketing.

Speaking at live event is a great way to build credibility. You will be using two powerful persuasive techniques namely consensus and Authority. You should try and record yourself each time on stage and take some selfies with the crowd at each event for social media. You will have to start at smaller gigs at first but if you work hard and refine your craft you will get the opportunity to speak in front of 1000+ people.

You will need to contact organizers, professional bodies, colleges and event venues (CTICC) to try and get hold of the right people. You might need to start in your local pub but just make sure you get started.
Influencer marketing action step: Try and book at least two event a month in a new place/crowd each month.
You need to write a book about your area of expertise. Having a book even if it is not a best seller lets people know that you have given a specific topic enough thought to have an opinion that is book worthy. Writing a book is not easy, it takes a lot of time and energy. The other benefit is that you can call yourself an author.
Influencer marketing action step: Try and write 1 page a day on a topic you want to be an expert in. Don’t forget to do your research and do it well.
You should create social pages and a newsletter. This way you stay front of mind to the community you build. You then need to start creating content around your topic of interest. If you writing newsletter or blog posts, then this could form part of your book
Influencer marketing action step: Try and post at least one thing a day that is interesting and try and post it on the same time each day. This way your posts become part of your communities daily habits
Try an interview other influencers and record the interview on paper, video and audio and then share it on social platforms. You can create your own podcast show, video series and blog interview series. You get to introduce yourself to their audiences and maybe earn some new followers. Start small and grow from their.
Influencer marketing action step: Try and interview one influencer or notable person bi-weekly.

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