Email Marketing: Individual Universe Explained

Advance Email Marketing: Individual Universe

Introduction in advanced email marketing and concepts like individual universes

As you may know email marketing is a very effective way to communicate with hundreds or thousands of your customers, with the effort of only communicating with one person. The problem with this approach is that you tainting all your customers with the same brush. Alternatively you most likely don’t have time to communicate with all your customers uniquely.

This is a very big marketing dilemma. You want to serve everyone uniquely, in a way that fits them best but you also need to run a business and do a million other things. This is why top marketers like myself (Phillip Gimmi), Frank Kern and Joe Polish invented solutions to these problems.

The best solution in practice that I have seen is an email marketing individual universe. It allows you to know where your customers is in the buying phase, It also communicates to each person uniquely at scale. When done correctly it optimises your CRM to get the highest open rates, best click through rates and ultimately helps you understand your customers and prospects better

Does email marketing work and when doesn’t it?

Yes email marketing still works and it works very well. The problem is that many people abuse it and do not follow best practices. This usually leaves a bad taste in your customers mouth as they get irritated by either you excessive requests for them to buy your stuff or the ‘out right SPAM’ you produce.

For email marketing to work, you need to work. You need to follow Seth Godin’s approach of permission marketing and understand that its not your right to marketing to people but merely a temporary permission given to you from the prospect.

How long is this temporary period you may ask? There is no exact timeline it’s got more to do with what your recipient’s thinks of you.

  • Does your  recipient still care about what you have to say?
  • Are they listening to you?
  • Do you have them engaged?
  • Do they still want to hear from you?

If the answer is no to anyone of these questions, then you need to stop, rethink your strategy and earn their permission again.

What is an email marketing individual universe?

An email marketing universe is probably the most advanced form of any email marketing or CRM solution. It requires a smart team to build it around your business and it requires a smart team to manage it each month. When done poorly the results could backfire.

As you can see in this video, an email marketing universe can be presented in a simple way but the actual implementation of this is way more advanced and complex. The standard two qualities required is email automation, conditional logic, continuous copy and headline testing and a structured system that does not mix your buyers list with your prospects list.

What is opportunity in South Africa, Cape Town and Johannesburg?

The great news is that email marketing is still the best way to get repeat business. It is also a great way to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers. CRM’s and email automation systems are probably the best way to convert your prospects at scale when done right.

South African’s for the most part are behind the times when it comes to email marketing, this is an unfortunately reality but also a great opportunity for businesses that want to take advantage of this and get that competitive edge.

The Johannesburg marketing has wised up a little to this but its really just a handful of businesses that are doing things right, in a small way and not in a big way. The Capetonian market, many people are still using mailchimp, ZOHO, Campaign monitor or there personal outlook for email marketing. This system’s are great but have no conditional logic to build a system around their customers. The individual email approach is not practical if you running a business and have more than 50 customers.

In short an email marketing universe is a very effective and powerful way to grow your business. It requires experts to build it, manage it and optimise it but its a system that pays for itself hundred times over.

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