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What does fatality do?


Business Research

Have piece of mind because we leave no stone unturned. We will research your business, products and services. Product knowledge is the very first thing we focus on.

Market Research

Trust that we do our homework well. We will do a deep dive analyses into the market place and get market size estimates ,identify influencers and discover core areas for market penetration

Ideal Purchaser

Always staying focused by mapping out your ideal customer.We will identify the ideal prospect in the market for your business, and identify core ways to target them. We will also decide on who not to target

Lead Harvesting

We get the hard work done, so you don't have to. We will data harvest, pre-qualifying leads in compliance to the POPI act. We will then begin to qualify and warm these leads


Don't waste time doing basic education. We will educate qualifying leads about your offering. We will then analyse interest and allocate a task based on qualified leads interest

Quality Appointments

Only get high quality appointments. We will book you meetings, fill your calendar. Your prospect will confirm in their calendar as well then We will also do a followup call on the day.

New! Our inbound marketing and support services

Inbound Support

We do 24/7 live support for your customers on behalf of your business. This includes live chat, email and phone. We provide monthly reports and when applicable suggest areas to improve

Inbound Sales

All traffic that comes to your website, we help your customers make the right buying decision for them, we help them complete forms if they get stuck and we prompt conversation when necessary to get the ball rolling

Inbound Analytics

We keep you up to date with the team performance. We list the questions they could not answer, we sync our data with Google Analytics. You will always have access to the information you need

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The financial industry, Software and IT industry, International trade industry and many more. Testimonials upon request

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